Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Losing When Scoring 7 Runs

The Royals have scored exactly 7 runs in a game eight times this year and, after last night's 9-7 loss to the Yankees, are a disappointing 4-4 in those games. Throughout team history though, they are 380-99, which sounds about right, for example, the Twins are 409-105 in the same time frame. 7 runs is a lot no matter where offensive environment you find yourself in.

I thought it'd be interesting to see their W/L records through the different era's of team history. I expected that the earlier teams would have much better records than the later teams due to better pitching staffs. I was right.

The Early Years 1969-1975
54-10 .844

They never lost more than two of these games in any one season. As a point of reference, the 2011 Royals have lost two in the past week.

The Glory Years 1976-1985
105-15 .875

The score in eight of the losses was 8-7, which is somewhat fascinating. An 18-7 loss to the Yankees on 9/05/82 isn't.

Before The Storm 1986-1994
77-18 .811

Six more 8-7 scores. I thought that with Saberhagen and company, and later Appier and company, the winning percentage would be higher. No doubt a few are the result of bullpen meltdowns.

Era Of Mediocrity 1995-2006
111-42 .725

I expected a drastic drop in winning percentage as KC trotted out some truly dreadful pitching staffs.

The Dayton Moore Era 2007-Present
33-14 .702

I toyed with the idea of extending the previous era to the present, but I figured that since Moore is playing by a different set of rules than Herk Robinson and Allard Baird, a separation was warranted. Nine of the fourteen losses were by 1 run, which brings the total of 8-7 losses to 47.

A few other teams in this time frame:
Twins 49-14
Yankees 51-5
Red Sox 55-6
Pirates 36-10
Orioles 36-13

Here are the eight games where they've scored 7 runs this year.
Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt
1 2011-08-16 KCR NYY L 7-9
2 2011-08-10 KCR TBR L 7-8
3 2011-06-14 KCR OAK W 7-4
4 2011-05-31 KCR LAA W 7-3
5 2011-04-24 KCR TEX L 7-8
6 2011-04-16 KCR SEA W 7-0
7 2011-04-06 KCR CHW L 7-10
8 2011-04-05 KCR CHW W 7-6

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