Friday, August 19, 2011

Was It Really Such A Royals Move?

Just mere seconds after Jeff Francoeur's contract extension was announced the tweets started pouring in at a breakneck pace. The snark was really hitting the fan as seemingly everyone in the baseball blogosphere had an opinion. In the early going the majority of the tweets were negative and played off the old theme that it was your typical Royals move - in other wordsa bad team signing a bad player.

I don't know, this doesn't feel like such a move. Francoeur's initial signing definitely fell in this category as he was far from the first offensively challenged player to catch Dayton Moore's fancy. But how many among the others acquisitions did Moore sign to an extension? Moore traded a pretty useful reliever - Leo Nunez - for Mike Jacobs because he was craving a power hitter. Jacobs was predictably awful (and well paid) in Kansas City, but rather than bring him back, Moore released him. Rick Ankiel signed for one year but was traded, not extended. The list goes on and on.

Extending a 27 year old sporting a 119 OPS+ is something only the Royals would do? Doubtful.

What made some of the tweets especially annoying was the fact that the commenters were fans of teams that possess statistically less impressive right fielders than Francoeur. And that was the thing, very few acknowledged that Francoeur was in fact having a good year. The ones that did reduced it to one good month, which simply isn't true. Some people just plain don't like the guy and they aren't going to let a few facts get in the way of good snark. They have followers to impress after all and anything less than their finest putdown won't get retweeted by the masses. Or whatever.

Intellectual honesty was put on a shelf as the townspeople grabbed their pitchforks and headed for the castle to slay their Francoeurstein. All because he was rewarded for having a nice little season.

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  1. You don't sign a player based on what he has done, you sign him on what you think he will do during the length of the contract.

    I have no faith that this year is anything more than a career year at a good time (for him). I hope I'm wrong.