Friday, September 23, 2011


Rk Player Year HR SB
1 Amos Otis 1978 22 32
2 Bo Jackson 1988 25 27
3 Bo Jackson 1989 32 26
4 Carlos Beltran 1999 22 27
5 Carlos Beltran 2001 24 31
6 Carlos Beltran 2002 29 35
7 Carlos Beltran 2003 26 41
8 Jeff Francoeur 2011 20 22
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With his 20th home run tonight Jeff Francoeur became just the fourth Royal in history to post a 20/20 season.

Anyone who says they saw this coming is a liar.


  1. Sweet! I am not a liar.

    But like I had mentioned to you, 20-20 needs to have something about CS.

    Otis was successful in 80% of attempts in his 20/20 season.
    Bo was a shade under 82% in his first season, but was under 75% his second season. Beltran, of course, became one of the most brilliant base stealers in all of MLB history, his first 20/20 season being an exception (77%--barely acceptable).

    Frenchy? 68.5%

  2. From what I've read 67% is the break even rate where a team is neither hurt or helped.

  3. I've never read that. I've been operating under the assumption of 75% is break even. Getting tossed a third of the time? That's Juan Pierre stylings. Actually, I looked it up and that's worse than Juan Pierre.

  4. The league is currently stealing at a 72.2%...

  5. Francoeur's success rate was fine at 78% in mid August. Then he started going every chance he got, and got caught every time he tried for 2 weeks to get number 20. If he would have maintained his patience, his rate would have been fine.