Monday, December 19, 2011

All Quiet On The Front

It's no secret that Dayton Moore likes to play things close to the vest. I mean just when you think he's doing nothing but sitting around fondly reminiscing about the Willie Bloomquist era, or bragging on how he outmaneuvered twenty-nine other general managers for the services of Brett Tomko, BAM, he trades for Jonathan Sanchez or signs Jonathan Broxton. Other than another Joakim Soria rumor things are quiet, perhaps too quiet.

It just seems like the climate is ripe for a Moore move, whether it's trading for Gio Gonzalez or signing Roy Oswalt. Personally I don't think either of those things will happen but you get my point, Moore could be working on something big.

The Royals still need a utility infielder, which is certainly a less sexy acquisition than a frontline starter, but it's a position that needs to be filled nonetheless. It's just not a shock the world kind of move or one that will find itself trending on twitter. (Follow me!!! I kid, but seriously, follow me.)

With the bulk of the opening day pretty much set there's little Moore can do to improve the 2012 club without compromising the current youth movement. You can make the argument that Johnny Giavotella deserves a chance (and I absolutely believe he does) but fans would understand if Moore acquired a productive second baseman. I think the same can be said for Lorenzo Cain and Danny Duffy.

If Moore is working on something I expect we'll know fairly soon. It seems like the closer a team gets to spring training the guys they acquire tend to be of a risky nature - either players coming off injuries or those trying to prove they're not over the hill. While the Jeff Francis signing made a ton of sense last January a similar signing this month or next would be a lateral move at best.

Obviously Moore's best chance at jumpstarting Mission 2012 and giving the Royals realistic contention hopes would come in the form of a premier starting pitcher. His reluctance to deal prospects (which so far I applaud him for) this winter to get one seem to indicate that move is not going to happen.

But still, it's just so quiet.

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