Monday, January 16, 2012

Royals Caravan - St. Joseph

The Royals comeback tour rolled into St. Joseph yesterday with Billy Butler, Greg Holland, Danny Duffy and John Mayberry ready to sign for a large and enthusiastic crowd. For reasons that are entirely my own I'd never attended the caravan stop in St. Joseph before. It was pretty much what I expected. What it wasn't, though, was fanfest. I did spend a few minutes talking with Ben Aken - the Royals Sr. Director of Community Relations - about the decision to cancel the event. His facial reaction when I broached the subject suggested I was probably the one millionth person to ask him why. He didn't really say anything that I hadn't heard before, and didn't at all convince me the All-Star game event is a worthy substitute, but he at least was nice enough to try.

Here are a few tidbits from the caravan and some of the pictures I took (the rest of the pics can be viewed here).

  • Danny Duffy is the most polite person in the history of mankind. Seriously. Kudos to his parents for the job they did in raising him.

  • John Mayberry's eyes lit up twice. The first time when he saw Hy-Vee's Chinese food section upon arrival and the second when he was handed a bat to sign. He gripped the bat with both hands and uttered "that's what I'm talking about".

  • At no point in the hour plus did Billy Butler hit a home run. Not a single one. Trade him.

  • This is why they do it.

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