Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Single Season Home Run Leaders Since 2004

The general consensus is that either Eric Hosmer or Mike Moustakas will eventually break Steve Balboni's franchise record of 36 home runs. Forget 37, I'd like to see somebody hit 25. Since 2004 there have been 392 25+ home run seasons across baseball but not a single one of those have been achieved by a Royal. Carlos Beltran is the last Royal to hit the mark when he belted 26 in 2003. Since Beltran left, in a trade that would one day bring Chris Getz into our lives, home runs have been a too rare occurrence.

Rk Player HR Year
1 Alex Gordon 23 2011
2 Miguel Olivo 23 2009
3 Mike Sweeney 22 2004
4 Billy Butler 21 2009
5 Mike Sweeney 21 2005
6 Jeff Francoeur 20 2011
7 Jose Guillen 20 2008
8 Billy Butler 19 2011
9 Eric Hosmer 19 2011
10 Mike Jacobs 19 2009
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This unimpressive list's saving grace is that four of the seasons were produced last year. Toss in Moustakas and a person could probably make the argument that five players could hit 25+ this year. I think at least three will - Hosmer, Gordon and Butler. Yes, Butler. For what it's worth ZiPS doesn't project any of the Royals to hit 25.


  1. I have posted the 392 season stat on Royals Review- along with this one: There have been 425 seasons of 75 walks or more since a Royal passed that mark. (Jose Offerman, 1998)

    I truly thought both droughts were going to end last year, but at least the home run drought should end this year.

  2. That walk stat is sad. Somewhere Bob Hamelin is crying.

  3. Wow that's pithetic. It's one thing when Royals Stadium was huge, but they've brought in the fences since the days of Balboni & Brett if I remember right.

    Has anyone hit 30 since Dye in 2000? I'm trying to think of one, but I can't remember anyone doing it.

  4. Yep, Dye was the last.

    Jermaine Dye 2000 33
    Dean Palmer 1998 34
    Chili Davis 1997 30
    Gary Gaetti 1995 35
    Danny Tartabull 1991 31
    Bo Jackson 1989 32
    Danny Tartabull 1987 34
    George Brett 1985 30
    Steve Balboni 1985 36
    John Mayberry 1975 34