Sunday, February 26, 2012

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This year, in attempt to try something different, I'm going to put the shorter posts I write on my Google+ page. I've already posted once on there so check that out and maybe let me know if this something worth pursuing. I like the potential of G+ and I think a conversation there would be much easier to follow than on twitter. Twitter is great but tweeting on a topic with several different people can be confusing at times, mainly due to the character limitations and other topics interspersed on the timeline. (I also have a G+ page for the blog that can only be described as poorly maintained.)

Royals’ Paulino thinks he’s poised for good year - KC Star
Yost added, “If he takes what he’s doing on the side into the games, he’s a lock (for the rotation). His side sessions, I’m seeing exactly what I want to see.”

Count me among the many that can't believe Felipe Paulino isn't already a lock for the rotation. He was exactly league average (100 ERA+) and led all starters in SO/9 (8.6) and SO/BB (2.48). Strictly by performance Sanchez should be the one on the bubble.

It often gets overlooked, when assessing Soria’s season-long numbers, that much of the ugliness occurred in the first two months before he junked a cut fastball that seemed to affect command of his other pitches.

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There is something to this. From June 2nd on, Joakim Soria had a 2.58 ERA and was 21/23 in save opportunities. He held MLB hitters to a .266 OBP in that time period. Of the 12 runs he allowed in his final 37 appearances 7 of them came in his 2 blown saves. The shelf life of closers, even among the elite, can be short. I think Soria will rebound but he may never be the Soria of 2008-2010 again. 

Part of what makes triples so exciting, I think, is how random they are. All kinds of hitters can lead their teams in triples. It’s just as likely to be a scrappy little infielder who bounces a lot of hits right into the corners as it is to be a power hitter who pounds the gaps consistently. Triples require almost as much dumb luck (or dumb outfield reaction) as they do athleticism.

Minda is counting down to opening day by posting an article that corresponds with the day. It's been fun to follow thus far so be sure to check those out.

2012 Kansas City Royals Preview Show! - The Phil Naessens Show

Josh Duggan of Royalscentricity and Royals Review fame talked about the upcoming season as a guest on The Phil Naessens Show.

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