Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Before spring training started I predicted the Royals win 82 games this year. I made many assumptions in coming up with this number but there are four in particular that I was dead wrong about.
  1. That Salvador Perez would catch 130+ games this year.
  2. That Felipe Paulino - and not Luis Mendoza - would begin the season in the rotation.
  3. That Johnny Giavotella would be the #2 hitter and starting second baseman.
  4. That Joakim Soria would be the closer and not suck.
The disabled list has claimed three of the players while Getzancourt blocked the other. But still, all is not lost. It's easy to dismiss the first ten games as "same old Royals" and assume they're on their way to another 90+ loss season. I can't fault anyone who feels that way. The Cleveland series was particularly distressing because it represented what the season as a whole would like in a worst case scenario. However, I'll go on record as saying that KC will not look that pathetic again this season.

If you're the optimistic sort, though, and are looking for anything to suggest that a 3-7 start isn't disastrous, then I have three examples you may be interested in, last year's Tigers, Rays and Red Sox.

Yr Tm W L R RA Rdiff Result
2011 Tigers 3 7 43 56 -13 95-67, AL Central Champion
2011 Rays 2 8 36 49 -13 91-71, Wild Card
2011 Red Sox 2 8 38 69 -31 90-72
2012 Royals 3 7 41 52 -11 ????

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