Monday, April 9, 2012

Nice Start To The Season

Just like last year the Royals won the their first series of the season despite an opening day loss to Jered Weaver. A strong start is absolutely vital if KC wants to contend for a few months. Detroit looks like they are who we thought they are and seem capable of running away with the division. I don't know about you but I'd like to see the Royals within 5 games at the break. Anyway, here are my takeaways from the season's opening weekend.

  • The return of Second Half Luke highlighted a strong series by the rotation. I wasn't shocked by Bruce Chen's start as he is capable of those types of outings. Sure they'll be the exception rather than the rule but if he can keep his ERA+ around 100 all year I'll be happy. Luke Hochevar was just plain nasty at times while pitching into the 7th inning. He allowed just 2 runs but those were scored when Yost strangely and unsurprisingly brought in Tim Collins to face Bobby Abreu instead of Jose Mijares, the guy who was signed to be the bullpen's LOOGY. Jonathan Sanchez was serviceable but always seemed to be on the brink of giving up a big inning. 3 walks and 2 wild pitches, man, this guy is not going to be boring.
  • I'm fully convinced Eric Hosmer is going to make a run at Steve Balboni's home run record. Hosmer homered on Saturday and Sunday and appears to be locked in early. This, of course, will only make him more expensive if he should decide to sign a long term deal.
  • Getzancourt looked good but let's not get carried away. The two headed offensive force at second base combined to hit .455/.455/.545 in the series and played decent defense. There was something wonderfully pleasing about Chris Getz hitting a double in his first at bat of the season, but look, last year the guy hit .342/.400/.368 in his first 47 plate appearances, and that was with his old batting stance. I'm not rooting against him and Betancourt, I mean if they can produce at even a league average pace I think a lot of us will be thrilled, but their track record is what it is, so I remain doubtful either one will hit enough to justify their roster spot.
  • Alex Gordon, Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain all struggled. I'm not worried about A1, he'll hit, but Moose and Cain are still question marks so I was hoping they would both get off to strong starts. Cain is a defensive wiz and I'm not sure how much he'll have to hit to keep his starting job but he may want to get it going sooner rather than later.
Oakland's next as we get our first look of the season at Luis Mendoza, a guy I desperately want to be wrong about.

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