Saturday, June 23, 2012


To celebrate the launch of Out Of The Park Baseball 13 the developers of the game released copies of the game to bloggers willing to participate in a season sim event. I took part  a few years ago and was eager to give it another try. It was great then, it's flat out awesome now. Simply put, this is the best baseball simulation game on the planet. (If you are looking for an in-depth and comprehensive review, Craig Brown has got you covered here.)

Per the developer's request I simulated the season and watched as the Royals led the Central from start to finish. I'm not even kidding. They spent a grand total of zero days out of first place. That's not as impressive as it sounds, though, because the AL Central - surprise, surprise- was fairly weak.

I kept waiting for the Tigers to go on a run that never came. The Royals took advantage of Detroit's down year and ended up advancing all the way to the ALCS, where they were quickly eliminated by the Angels.

As for individual performances the game, like every non-crazy person, thinks highly of Billy Butler as he led the team in most offensive categories. Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon also had great seasons, but everyone else, not so much. The two best starting pitchers were Felipe Paulino and Danny Duffy, just like in real life before they went on their Tommy John-approved vacations. Wil Myers made a second half appearance and hit .282/.368/.458 in 177 plate appearances. 

If you've still yet to purchase the game, then head there now and make it happen. I promise, you will not regret it.

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