Monday, September 17, 2012


With just a few weeks left in the season the Royals finally decided to call up Jake Odorizzi (or Ody, as he's soon to be called by Ned Yost). The 22 year old right-hander had a successful season splitting time between Northwest Arkansas and Omaha.

20122 Teams1553.0325145.1501351.2528.23.18.4
2012Northwest Arkansas423.32738.010470.9746.42.411.1
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But now that he's got the call when will he get the ball? From the article linked above:

“He won’t start against any contending clubs,” Yost said. “We’ve got two series against Cleveland. We might start him at the end of this week here in one of those games against Cleveland.”

Well there you go. In a misguided and hilarious attempt to protect the integrity of the Al Central race Yost has decided it wouldn't be right to start Odorizzi against the White Sox and the Tigers. It's hilarious and misguided because of two pitchers he will start against them - Bruce Chen (76 ERA+) and Luke Hochevar (76 ERA+). 

Odorizzi will make his first start September 23rd against the Indians. Waiting until Sunday means his next start will fall on September 28th, also against the Indians. (Of course that's if he gets a second start, this is the Royals we're talking about.) A possible third and final start would fall on the season's last day against the Tigers, but if neither Chicago or Detroit has taken care of business by then, Odorizzi would presumably get bumped.

It's difficult to evaluate players in September because of expanded rosters, so you take such evaluations for what they're worth, but if I had a choice between sending Odorizzi against teams battling for first place or one battling for fourth, well, I know which I'd choose. It's disappointing that Yost feels differently.

I made a guest appearance on the most recent Pine Tar Podcast. We talked a little about the year thus far and about what to expect this off season. I had a great time talking to Clint and David so be sure to check that out.

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  1. Every time the Royals trot out Hochevar, it's a concession and an insult to the young arms. Let Odorizzi pitch. Let Tommy Hottovy pitch. Let ANYONE but Hochevar and Chen pitch. They've had their chance.