Thursday, June 16, 2016

Multi-hit Whit

Whit Merrifield has been racking up multi-hit games at an outstanding pace since his promotion. It turns out he's amassed more than any Royal ever through 24 games.

Most multi-hit games by a Royal in the first 24 games of a career:

Rk Player Year #Matching
1 Whit Merrifield 2016 11
2 Irving Falu 2012 10
3 Mike Aviles 2008 10
4 Kevin Seitzer 1986 9
5 Hector Ortiz 2000 9
6 Eric Hosmer 2011 9
7 Terry Shumpert 1990 8
8 Brian McRae 1990 8
9 Mike Macfarlane 1988 8
10 Mike Kingery 1986 8
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Most WAR, 67th Overall Selections

Last night the Royals took right-handed pitcher A.J. Puckett of Pepperdine with the 67th pick in the MLB draft. That's basically all I know about the guy. Keith Law I am not. But I did start wondering how previous 67th overall June picks performed in their careers so I fired up the baseball-reference machine to take a look.

YearTmNamePosWAR ▾
1970CubsRick Reuschel (minors)RHP70.0
1971YankeesRon Guidry (minors)LHP48.1
1983Angels via Yankees*Wally Joyner (minors)1B35.7
1978CardinalsMike Moore (minors)RHP28.5
2007Nationals via Cubs*Jordan Zimmermann (minors)RHP22.6
2004AthleticsKurt Suzuki (minors)C14.4
1977TwinsRoger Erickson (minors)RHP8.1
2000AstrosChad Qualls (minors)RHP6.3
1985TwinsPaul Abbott (minors)RHP4.7
1976DodgersMax Venable (minors)OF1.0
1974GiantsAlan Wirth (minors)RHP0.8
1968BravesMike McQueen (minors)LHP0.3
1987RoyalsStu Cole (minors)SS0.1
1973TigersBob Adams (minors)3B-0.0
1993AthleticsJeff D'Amico (minors)SS-0.3
2001MarinersMike Wilson (minors)OF-0.4
1969TigersBill Gilbreth (minors)LHP-0.9
1966CardinalsBob Spence (minors)1B-0.9
1998YankeesRandy Keisler (minors)LHP-1.5
2015DodgersMitch Hansen (minors)OF
2014Red SoxSam Travis (minors)1B
2013RedsKevin Franklin (minors)3B
2012CubsDuane Underwood (minors)RHP
2011IndiansDillon Howard (minors)RHP
2010MarinersMarcus Littlewood (minors)SS
2009CardinalsRobert Stock (minors)C
2008TigersCody Satterwhite (minors)RHP
2006AstrosSergio Perez (minors)RHP
2005RangersJohn Whittleman (minors)3B
2003BravesPaul Bacot (minors)RHP
2002AthleticsSteve Stanley (minors)OF
1999RockiesRyan Kibler (minors)RHP
1997Indians via White Sox*Edgar Cruz (minors)C
1996TwinsDan Cey (minors)SS
1995RockiesChris Macca (minors)RHP
1994BrewersLarry Barnes (minors)RHP
1992Angels*Marquis Riley (minors)OF
1991Red SoxChad Schoenvogel (minors)RHP
1990White Sox*Eric Maloney (minors)RHP
1989White SoxTodd Martin (minors)SS
1988White SoxMike Mitchener (minors)RHP
1986AthleticsDarrin Duffy (minors)SS
1984ExposKevin Garner (minors)RHP
1982PhilliesKevin Ross (minors)OF
1981RedsDelwyn Young (minors)SS
1980CardinalsDan Stryffler (minors)OF
1979AngelsMickey Saatzer (minors)RHP
1975YankeesNate Chapman (minors)OF
1972GiantsMike Kirkland (minors)3B
1967AthleticsVic Sciamarelli (minors)OF
1965AngelsJohn Olerud (minors)C
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Of the fifty-one picks between 1965 and 2015 only nineteen made it to the major leagues. Of those nineteen only six posted double digit WAR in their careers. It's a tough road to stardom.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Omar Problem

The first update in All Star voting was released this week and, predictably, baseball writers far and wide freaked the hell out. Apparently it's a big deal that Omar Infante is second behind Jose Altuve. Last time I checked, the player finishing second doesn't receive an automatic invite to the game. Maybe that changed last winter. I don't know. I was on a pretty big World Series high and may have missed a few things.

I feel comfortable in believing that Infante will not get voted in this year. The AL vote totals is once again an excuse for writers to step up on a soapbox to express their outrage and dismay, Unsurprisingly Cubs fans have been spared the same treatment because, you may want to sit down for this, writers have agendas. It's disrespect for the game when Paulo Orlando (131 OPS+) is eighth in voting but no big deal when Jason Heyward (74 OPS+) and Jorge Soler (83 OPS+) are top six.

Whatever. You be you, writers.

I'm all for chaos but I draw the line at voting for Infante. I didn't last year and haven't this year. If you want to vote all Royals, and that's your right, then I suggest writing in a younger, and so far better, option.

There is an Omar problem, though, but it has nothing to do with the All Star game. He just isn't a productive player anymore. Eighty-two players have come to the plate a thousand times or more in a Royals uniform and eighty-one have a higher on-base percentage than Infante.

Rk Player OBP OPS+ PA From To BA SLG
1 Omar Infante .269 64 1179 2014 2016 .238 .328
2 Yuniesky Betancourt .276 80 1079 2009 2012 .248 .395
3 Onix Concepcion .277 58 1130 1980 1985 .238 .293
4 Buck Martinez .277 69 1073 1969 1977 .222 .322
5 Darryl Motley .281 88 1401 1981 1986 .245 .405
6 David Howard .289 56 1586 1991 1997 .229 .302
7 Frank White .293 85 8468 1973 1990 .255 .383
8 Steve Balboni .294 101 2201 1984 1988 .230 .459
9 Bob Oliver .296 96 1550 1969 1972 .255 .406
10 Alcides Escobar .297 76 3415 2011 2016 .264 .343
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I don't know what Kansas City's options are at this point. He has zero trade value and I can't see Moore releasing him because of the money owed on the remainder of his contract. I suppose his presence will be easier to tolerate if he plays no more than once a week and never, ever bats fifth again. That will only happen if Whit Merrifield keeps hitting. So keep hitting, Whit. Please keep hitting.